Family Portraits

Whether in your home, an outside location or in our studio, we want your family to look their best.  We suggest coordinating clothing so one person with different or bright colors does not stand out from the others.  Family portraits outside are made in the late afternoon.  We also suggest scheduling two appointments for outdoor sessions.  If the weather is bad on the first day, you have a back up already in place.  Outside elements beyond our control are weather, wind, mosquitoes, gnats, and mayflies.

Children's Portraits

We photograph children in our camera room without Mom and Dad.  Just like the dentist, children do best when they're not competing for someone else's attention.  Bare feet are much cuter than shoes so please leave the shoes behind.  Appointments for babies need to be made after they've had a nap and been fed.  We can't make sick babies look good if they don't feel good and will gladly reschedule your appointment if your baby wakes up not feeling well.   Most children photograph best during morning hours.  If they're attending pre-school or kindergarten, we suggest letting them skip a day instead of bringing them after school when they're usually tired, hungry, or had a bad day.

Bridal Portraits

Traditional and contemporary bridal portraits are as much of your wedding as the day itself.  We photograph brides in full-length positions showing the bridal gown from the back, the two sides and the front.  Three quarter poses are taken standing and seated along with head and shoulder poses.  We strongly suggest bridal portraits be made six to eight weeks before your wedding to allow yourself enough time to decide poses needed for your bridal portrait, gifts, and newspapers. 

Oil Portraits

For the discriminating few who appreciate the finest in craftsmanship, our oil portraits are photographic paintings exquisitely finished in fine oil pigments that will be treasured by future generations for years to come. Our oil portraits retain the photographic likeness of the person and have the appearance of an oil painting after a skilled artist applies transparent oils. Compare our quality and price with artists who offer free hand oil portraits.


When you're selling yourself, you want to look your best on your business card, brochure, magazine or newspaper.  Black and white or color, we will apply our photographic skill and artistic ability to suit your particular needs.


Magazine covers, lay-out photographs, CD covers, brochures, aerial photographs, Paige Sawyer Photography can deliver most of your commercial needs with color, black and white photographs or digital images.

Copy & Restoration

Paige Sawyer Photography copies and restores old, torn, and tattered photographs and makes them look brand new.  We offer black and white or color copies along with oil miniatures.